Episode 9: “Bugbog Sarado” with Tin Benitez

Domestic violence has been an age-old issue that tremendously affects people from all walks of life everywhere in the world. More than the physical harm, this kind of abuse ranges from verbal, emotional, psychological, and even sexual. Its effects are so severe that it crosses generations and significantly impacts families, communities, and nations.

In the Philippines, the Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children Act (VAWC) or also known as R.A. 9262 was approved in 2004 in the government’s attempt to protect the women and children from all kinds of maltreatment and abuse. To this day, many believe that the real number of cases of domestic violence is more than what the reported statistics reflect.

Who’s on Usapang Hugot

Tin Benitez is the 8th child in a brood of 12. She is also the wife of last week’s guest, Andy Benitez who shared with us the effects of insecurity and how this has given birth to many other serious concerns such as addiction and violent behavior.

Tin joins this week’s episode to share the impact of growing up in a big family. She talks about the deeper reason why she stayed in her marriage despite the abuse she endured from her husband and what brought their family back together even after all the suffering she and her children went through under the hands of the person who was supposed to be loving and protecting them — her husband.

“Ako po ang ginawa ko — sinurrender ko na kay God lahat ng iyon.” – Tin Benitez

On this episode of Usapang Hugot:

  • An overview of the Philippine law about violence against women and children
  • How she endured the maltreatment of her brother’s wife
  • What caused her to fall for Andy during court
  • When her husband’s violent tendencies started to surface
  • How she coped with the abuse she experienced from her husband
  • The steps they took to save their relationship
  • How she found hope in Glorious Hope
  • The changes that occurred in her and the dynamics of their family after she and her husband attended the Glorious Hope program

Connect with DWIZ:

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  • Globe:  (0915) 709 0882
  • Smart:  (0908) 136 6060

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Did you miss this episode?

Watch this episode here: Episode 9 – Bugbog Sarado


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