Episode 11: “Molestya” with Nyca Pablo

History journals sexual abuse back to as far as the 1700s. In today’s highly digitized world, a Unicef study revealed that 8 out of 10 Filipino children are at risk of either online bullying or sexual abuse. Categorized by setting, the home ranks first in the places where sexual violence happens.

Who’s on Usapang Hugot

Nyca Pablo is an application developer specialist at IBM. She also works with young people in Bulacan as a volunteer at Elevate, the youth ministry of Christ’s Commission Fellowship. The eldest of five children, Nyca was introduced to the gravity of taking on responsibilities since she took charge of her siblings while her parents are both away for work.

Nyca joins us on this episode to share the effects of the molestation done to her as a child and what prevented her from telling her family about the abuse. She talks about how the abuse shaped her personality and initial belief about her life’s purpose. Nyca also shares the factors that changed her outlook on what her true mission in life is.


“People will disappoint you every day, so you have to forgive every day.” – Nyca Pablo


On this episode of Usapang Hugot:

  • Nyca’s mindset about her role and responsibilities in the family
  • The event which significantly affected her childhood
  • How she coped when she discovered the painful truth
  • Where she looked for security and protection
  • Heterosexual vs homosexual relationship
  • The turning point that led her to realize that what she had in her 10-year relationship was not love
  • How she found peace of mind

Key Takeaways:

  • Do not be afraid to speak.
  • Continue to build your relationship with God.
  • Forgive.

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Did you miss this episode?

Watch this episode here:
Episode 11: “Molestya” with Nyca Pablo


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