UH013: Ang Tunay na Alas with Shella

In the Philippines, playing games such as bingo, mahjong, and cards is one of the common ways to pass the time. To many, this is their way of trying their luck and hoping they would bring home many winnings from minimal “investment.” To others, it is their way of unwinding and diverting stress.

When the diversion turns into something unmanageable, is gambling really the problem or is it a manifestation of a deeper concern?

Who’s on Usapang Hugot

Shella has been a Glorious Hope Life volunteer for ten years now. She is married with three children. Even if she loves taking risks, she’s the kind of person who’s not used to losing.

Shella joins us on this episode to share the deeper reason why she used to gamble. Formerly named as “Pusoy Queen” (Queen of Poker), Shells talks about the difference between a player and a gambler. She also shares how gambling affected her marriage and how her desire to gamble went away.

“Dahil naramdaman ko ‘yung pain ng husband ko, that led me to the Lord for confession.” – Shella Dacanay


On this episode of Usapang Hugot:

  • How Shella’s mother cope with the neglect she experienced from Shella’s father
  • Effects of having absentee parents
  • Why gambling became a significant part of her life
  • Their family’s financial condition growing up
  • Why being labeled as the Queen of Poker mattered much to her
  • The turning point when she realized the big impact of gambling in her life
  • When she felt the fear of losing
  • What led to reconciliation
  • Her current definition of what real love is
  • When she found contentment

Key Takeaways:

  • It is only when God fills the emptiness in our hearts that the desire for other things fades away.
  • Don’t focus on the person’s behavior when you try to help someone with gambling addiction.
  • The family dynamics make a difference in the future of your children.
  • Giving attention to and prioritizing your children can shape their personality, their future, their life.

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  • Globe:  (0915) 709 0882
  • Smart:  (0908) 136 6060


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Did you miss this episode?

Watch this episode here:
UH013: Ang Tunay na Alas with Shella Dacanay


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