Episode 16: Control Freak with Ronald Santuile

People who have the constant desire to control others, whether they are aware of it or not, feel the need to do so for different reasons. Some people do this to cover up low or damaged self-esteem, while others may do so because of some traumatic experiences in life. While this list of reasons can go on, the excessive exertion of control over people and circumstances often lead to problems at work, at home, and in that person’s quality of life.

Who’s on Usapang Hugot

Ronald Santuile has been a Glorious Hope volunteer for eight years and running. He is a parent of three growing kids and a husband to another Glorious Hope volunteer. At work, Ronald is given the privilege to lead the company on a bigger scale as he trains people and takes charge of the Sales Management Department.

Ronald joins us on this episode to share the factors that led him to become a control freak and what made him conclude that a control freak is a miserable person. He discusses how he utilized control to cope and protect himself as a child, how it affected his marriage, and the process he went through to learn how to let go and let God take over.


“Ang sarap tumawa for the reason na alam ko that God is in control despite my limitations of control.”
– Ronald Santuile


On this episode of Usapang Hugot:

  • The effects of name-calling and discrimination on Ronald as a child
  • How the bullied became the bully
  • How he asserted aggression without physically harming others
  • How his wife used to cope when they fight
  • How super typhoon Ondoy affected their lives
  • When he relinquished control to God
  • The effect of their separation on their children
  • What he realized about himself and the struggle in his marriage when he joined the Glorious Hope program
  • What led his wife to join the Glorious Hope program
  • How he learned by unlearning
  • The effects of surrendering control to God

Key Takeaways:

  • Letting go of the hurt is a day to day mental, emotional, psychological, painful battle.
  • Letting go and surrendering to the Lord is not merely lip service — it’s a progressive action term.
  • Learning to trust God is the key to peace.
  • Learning to forgive is a daily effort  — even learning to trust God is a process.
  • Hope can only come when you give up your rights and ask the Lord to take over.
  • The recovery process is a step by step. It may be may be long, difficult, painful, and at times, even impossible. Don’t focus on how long the process is — look at what you can do to be better today.

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Episode 16: Control Freak with Ronald Santuile


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