Episode 18: Basahan with Eunice

In the Philippines, the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) disclosed that more than 25% of the 2,147 filed cases of child abuse in 2016 were sexual in nature – and the numbers continue to rise.

When children have been molested or sexually abused, the physical body is not the only thing that is violated. Their views on love, sex, relationships are changed. The way they see themselves — their identity, esteem, and worth are affected to the point that they feel like filthy rags — hopeless and beyond redemption.


Who’s on Usapang Hugot

For nearly all her childhood years, Eunice kept a secret from her mom and siblings. The only grown-up with whom she shared such secret urged her not to tell anyone or else her mom would cry and the grown-up would be imprisoned. As long as Eunice kept their secret, she was given food or money.

Find out in this episode how such secret shaped and molded Eunice’s view of love, sex, and herself, how she found out about the truth, and how she realized the need to go through healing and recovery.


“Kung paano yung tingin ko sa Nanay ko malayo — wala siyang alam — parang ang tingin ko hindi rin alam ni God. Hindi pala ganoon — God cares.” – Eunice


On this episode of Usapang Hugot:

  • Why Eunice had to be left behind with other grown-ups
  • Her secret experience as a young child
  • Why she didn’t tell anyone about her secret even after knowing the truth about her situation
  • Eunice’s teenage views about herself
  • How she opened up to her mom
  • What changes occurred while she was going through the Glorious Hope program

Key Takeaways:

  • Be extra careful to whom you entrust your young children.
  • Our childhood experiences with our parents or guardians impact our views about God.
  • If you’ve been molested, it isn’t your fault. Seek help, speak up.
  • If you’re a parent, look out for signs and manifestations of abuse. Do not ignore sudden changes in your children’s behavior, way of thinking, even physical development.
  • No matter how painful and unpleasant your past has been, the pleasantness of the truth about God and His love can cover that anew.

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  • Smart:  (0908) 136 6060

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Episode 18: Basahan with Eunice


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